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Background of the CEO/Founder


Giovonni is on a mission to help you restore your faith, have hope for the future, and elevate.

Isaiah 40:31

Giovonni Hinton is a Richmond, Virginia native. She originally wanted to become an RN but social work ignited a passion from within. The values and missions of becoming as social worker aligned most with Giovonni’s soul purpose. After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University and Catholic University of America, Giovonni has been enthralled with her journey of becoming a therapist.

Giovonni Hinton is an energetic, creative, and intuitive social worker. She finds joy in providing a sacred space that allows adults to connect, heal, and regulate their emotional and nervous system. With intention, dignity, and humor (when appropriate), Giovonni utilizes a therapeutic approach that integrates mindfulness, meditation, shadow work and cognitive behavioral therapy modalities.

Giovonni has experience working with individuals through cultural identity challenges, life transitions, women's issues, trauma, depression, anxiety, and providing an affirming space for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Giovonni envisions a world that doesn't end in shackles and chains, but begins with hope and freedom.

openly gay therapist and life coach, Giovonni Hinton, intuitive therapist and life coach, wellness
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